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September 6, 2015


Because I was fragile
And nobody wanted to know
Not even me
Especially not me

Who wants to talk about
Being broken?
Lay out their shattered pieces
For display and rearrangement?

Because nobody wants your
Sad, sad songs or woe is me’s
Your darkness and shadows
Your thoughts of razor blades and sleeping pills

Because I thought you could see it
And when you didn’t ask
I thought I needed to hide it
I didn’t want to ruin the fun
Your fun, their fun, everybody’s fun

Because I was fragile
And nobody wanted to know
Not even me
Especially not me

Copyright 2015



March 13, 2013


What is your message

for me today, God?

Show me a sign

whisper in my ear

Tell me the truest

truth that can be uttered

I promise

I will be listening.

Copyright 2013


March 11, 2013


my calm comes from

my words

that crowd the page

tumble from nowhere

live inside

find their way


my piece of peace

sleeps there

nestled in warm


fed while dreams

dance by

triggered by

random images

loaded for bear

copyright 2013


September 26, 2011

She wears her scars with honor
No beauty there
No flowers of fragrant grace
No sunshine memories airborne and beaming
Her pennant colored by each criticism
That reduced her size bit by bit
The stains left by tears for her father
Tattoo her heart.

Copyright 2011

May we never forget

September 11, 2011


Moments of silence
Names look out from walls
Survivors reflected in rushing water
Words of remembrance…
It does not bring them back
But it helps to keep them close
May we always remember
May we never forget

Copyright 2011


October 25, 2010


Everyone has a story
That old saw is a favorite mutter –
a tried and truism

But we do have our own stories
of failure
of success
of getting by – by getting along

Of making choices that led us astray
and decisions that led to wonder
and I can’t fucking believe this…

But we keep the story to ourselves
because no one asks
Because there is only time to tell
our own stories
our own regrets and mistakes
missteps and meanderings

Only time to tweet and post to the wall
favorite and stumble
the many details that must be
in hopes of the hotly contested
15 minutes

And if we wonder, we do it in passing
Filling in the blanks with our own experiences –
rejecting the reality with our
own lack of resume

Am I my brothers keeper?
Cain didn’t think so and neither do most of us
And when we do, the ACLU
ensures we pay the price for our curiosity
and invasions of helping hands

If Oprah or CNN doesn’t care
if it’s not on The View or the Daily Show
if it doesn’t expose colossal frailties and weaknesses
it’s none of our business
We don’t need to know
And it’s time to move on to
the reality show of choice
Reality that is scripted and real only
to those vying for the prize

But everyone has a story and
if you ask and you really want to know
people will tell you

copyright 2010

Father’s Day 16

June 20, 2010


My life changed
when you left
in ways small and
Parts of me left
the best parts,
I fear…

Since then
I’ve stood on wobbly legs
for you were my rock
Bottled up doubts
for you were my confessor
Led with my fears
for you were my champion

I’m still confused
not quite sure
you’re really gone
My heart wants to believe
but my head won’t let it

It’s the saddest
day of the year
when I celebrat
your absense
(with tears and solitude)

I guess I’ll never
stop missing you
but that’s okay
because I don’t want to

Wherever you are
whatever you are doing
Be happy
Laugh a lot
and if you don’t mind…
think of me once in a while

copyright 2010